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デザイナー自身が感じた事柄やメッセージをアパレルというキャンパスで表現したい。 その思いをコンセプトに2003年に発信。 MUSIC, ART, LIFE, 根源に「音」を常に感じさせる洋服作りが特徴のブランドである。 デザイナー:喜多條 由佑 Virgo has established in 2003 The concept of Virgo comes from the wishes of the designer. to from what he felt in life. and to send message through the format of apparel, which is also made as auniform for the crew with sympathy You can describe the characteristics of Virgo is made of MUSIC, ART, and your every day LIFE as the product start making some sound of MUSIC… Designer : Yu kitajo Dealer
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